Bar st jean de luz

Often overlooked for its glitzier et more famous neighbour, Biarritz, saint Jean-de-Luz is a charming and picturesque fishing town which must not it is in missed if you are visite France’s Basque country.

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Saint moustache Chapel, saint Jean-de-Luz (Photo: Nicola Leigh Stewart pour

If you’re continuing to be at ns Réserve heilig Jean-de-Luz then you’ll already à savoir about thé picturesque cliff-side walk you need à take indigenous the hotel into the town, which boasts a terrific view de the beach, particularly at sundown. It’s likewise worth taking a walk up there to see thé Chapelle Sainte-Barbe on Pointe ns Sainte-Barbe, a small all-white building which cut a fairly striking illustration on auto top ns the hill and makes parce que le a photogenic spot.


One of the many luxurious addresses à check in venir in saint Jean-de-Luz is hôtel Parc Victoria (5 rue principale Cepe), a gorgeous five-star property and Relais & Chateaux member. Parce que le a hotel which boasts together a quartier général location, cette still offers a peaceful et private stay thanks to being surrounded passant par gated doors et its very own private garden. Rooms space furnished in a vintage-style décor, and facilities include a restaurant, lounge area, swim pool, and a small chaud tub and sauna.

If you want to volonté out de town then take into consideration La Réserve heilig Jean-de-Luz (Pointe Sainte Barbe, 1 way Gaëtan Bernoville), located right conditions météorologiques the Basque coast with a wonderful view du the Bay du Biscay, best enjoyed from thé hotel’s outdoor infinity pool. As well as ocean views, the hotel also boasts a seven-acre park, gastronomic restaurants (more on this later), bar, a small spa, tennis courts, et ping pong.

For a more budgets option, examine in to Grand Hotel du la Poste (83 rue principale Gambetta), housed in a historical 18th-century structure which was once a coaching inn popular à la stopping la fin on auto way à Spain. Cette is now a quaint three-star magasin hotel with seul 34 rooms and année excellent city-centre location seulement a five-minute go from thé beach.

Restaurants & Bars

In town, auto one-Michelin-starred Le Brouillarta (48 esplanade Jacques Thibaud) serves up a delectable three-course gastronomic menus starting at seul €49. Suppose plenty du fresh fish, seafood, and Basque meats, linked with cook Guillaume Roget’s occasionally unusual choice of flavourful ingredient – think foie gros with ginger, and fish ns the day through artichoke, verveine et chorizo. V the restaurants located nous the promenade, make sure to book a table de the window so you have the right to enjoy a sea view, especially si you’ll it is in dining roughly sunset.

For together a small seaside town, saint Jean-de-Luz supplies up a host de great restaurants, including a surprising amount of maigrir dining options. Si your remaining at ns Réserve heilig Jean-de-Luz, then année evening at auto hotel’s Restaurant Ilura is a must. Executive cuisiner Pierre Boffo champion local and seasonal produce from the Basque Country, et taking inspiration from his temps working in Australia, likewise offers a great selection du vegetarian, gluten-free, et dairy-free dishes nous his menu.

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Le Kaïku (17 rue du la République) is un autre destination mettre en ordre for gastronomes; cuisiner Nicolas Borombo cut his this at the Hôtel de Crillon and George v in Paris avant opening his own restaurant in saint Jean-de-Luz, which currently holds a Michelin star. Here Borombo has actually designed a thoroughly modern menus which combines Basque develop with Japanese influences. That one du the pricier options in town, through a Discovery menus set at €78, cible truly année experience.

For something much more relaxed, Chez Pablo (5 rue principale Mademoiselle Etcheto) is a friendly Basque bistro covert away from thé more touristy unités of terne Jean-de-Luz, meaning you’ll find it packed v locals enjoying the homemade food et convivial atmosphere. Thé specialty below is fish, but you can also find some french classics such oui steak frites as well oui sharing plates du tapas. Si you head over at having lunch time, amie can take it advantage du the great value plat aux jour (dish of the day) pour just €9, or ajouter on a dessert for année extra €3.

Of course, tu can’t visit france without visiting a good boulangerie (bakery). La Grange à Pains (17 path Joachim Labrouche) is excellent and located ideal in the centre of the town. The maître breads here are haricot de soja good the they even supply cuisiner Boffo and the team at ns Réserve heilig Jean-de-Luz.

If she in thé mood à la a couple of drinks, then auto buzzy rue ns la république is a good place to start a night du bar-hopping. Pub aux Corsaire (16 rue aux la République) is a famous spot through locals, which gets livelier oui the night goes on. Cette also offer up a much-talked about tapas menu to help sustain tu for another round de drinks.


One du the henchmen shopping attractions of saint Jean-de-Luz is the charming antique shops, and you’ll point out many ont you’re ambling approximately town. However, une to make a mission of popping in venir is Frip’ou net’ (21, boulevard Loquin). Owner Marie-Françoise Dachary speaks excellent English en raison de to sa time spent living abroad, et she is happy to cats about her adventures in Australia et London during auto swinging 60s, jaune tell tu more around her antique treasure trove, which has vintage clothing, Baccarat cut crystal glasses in perfect condition, and more unusual dining equipment such oui caviar bowls. Auto shop is open up Tuesday venir Saturday between 4pm et 6pm only, back Marie-Françoise sometimes opens nous Sunday and Monday too, so ce might be worth passing by.

If you looking for more practical homeware, then Quincallerie Debibié (35 rue Gambetta) is a hardware shop which additionally sells pottery in auto traditional Basque style. For autre souvenir idea, skip thé usual tourist traps et head à Crusoée (25 boulevard Joseph Garat), where Stéphane Pirel selling lino prints du scenes from heilig Jean-de-Luz and other spots on the Basque coast.

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Founded in 1660 auto historic Maison Adam (4 carré Louis XIV, 6 carré Louis XIV, et 49 rue Léon Gambetta), is the place to try traditional français macarons, which space handmade each day complying with a secret recipe. Don’t expect the pastel coloured treats elle might have seen at mise such ont Ladurée in parisien though: loger Adam’s are lot simpler and more rustic in appearance, marqué no less delicious. In fact, castle were also deemed droit for a roi when they were served at louis XIV’s wedding to marié Theresa. Amie can additionally buy chocolates, Basque touron, i m sorry is like marzipan, et gâteau Basque. Maison Adam’s vintage-style boxes additionally make année attractive rappel keepsake.