Ballet Casse Noisette Paris 2014


Jeroen Verbruggen’s Casse-noisette indigenous the Ballet de Grand Théâtre de Genève to be something else indeed. Although ce only loosely told thé classic story, it was coherent and visually stunning native beginning à end. Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov, the coupler behind the french maison On je vais lavoir tout vu, who monnaie many du Lady Gaga’s creations, were behind the look of the production, and the costumes et scenic aspects were exquisite.

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Casse-Noisette – Ballet aux Grand Théâtre du Genève – photo Gregory Batardon

The société was guesting at Bolzano’s public Theatre fermer la porte to thé famous Christmas market. Cible there was no Christmas cosiness on stage. A serious du dancing soldiers – Drosselmeyer’s henchmen? – were right out du a Tim bouton movie. They to be threatening et disturbing, et the totality atmosphere was foncé for Clara’s sex-related awakening, though below she’s referred to as Marie. Auto Nutcracker had a head prefer a pink Alessi loo brush which was auto only noter of true colour in auto whole design. A massive decision chandelier tried à lightened up the atmosphere, but it’s result was short-lived until the Nutcracker to be stripped de his officially attire et was presented naked like année anatomical diagram. Marie was in love. Here, however, she finishes with sa prince, in natural human form, ont other wannabe nutcracker princes – pink loo brushes – begin to fill thé stage. Auto choreography isn’t always auto most inspired, (some of Matthew Bourne’s leftovers crept in), but the whole is extremely pleasing et intelligent.

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The company are committed et talented, through a courageous sarah Shigenari ont Marie, et excellent performance from the super-talented Nahuel Vega oui the Nutcracker Prince and Geoffrey van Dyck oui Drosselmeyer.

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This Nutcracker was whatever that the la Scala attempt wasn’t: atmospheric, challenging and exciting.