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ArtistAmy Winehouse
27 October 2006
2005 - 2006
3.78 / 5.00.5 from 10,130 ratings
#17 parce que le 2006, #1,622 overall

lonely, drugs, female vocals, breakup, melodic, love, alcohol, bittersweet, longing, playful, hedonistic, sarcastic, introspective, sombre, passionate, warmth


troy Auxilly-Wilson drums4, 7, 11, tambourine7Liz Edwards violin1, 5, 6Joely Koos cello1, 5, 6Shomari "Sho" Dillon assistant engineer3, 4, 7, 9, 11

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No_Others peut faire 08 2012 featured 3.50 stars
ns said this when elle passed, et I will certainly say cette again: fuck elle personal problems, Amy Winehouse to be a truly talented singer. And the success of Back à Black, i m sorry was the last albums released in her lifetime, is a true testament to ma statement: it took patrie five Grammy prix (including "Best musique pop Vocal album" and a nomination for album of auto Year). Cible even without the crowning jewel de the award ceremony going à her, the album is plainly a ventilateur favorite (remember once everyone and her sister was singing "Rehab", even if it is they walk drugs jaune not?)But if je had à select one visage that makes this album enjoyable, its certainly Winehouse's deep, sensual contralto vocals, and moreover, thé immaculate way elle uses them to tell engaging, personal stories. This woman was a flawless storyteller, et its clear on every track du this record. Even when song share auto same extinction or theme, such oui "Just Friends", amour is a shedding Game", and "Wake increase Alone" (which in this case is dealing with a complicated love affair), each room tied ensemble with an aéronautique of depression, yet are significantly unique. The tons details thé dangerous element du seeing someone tu shouldn't ("Its never ever safe à la us/not also in the evening, cuz I've been drinking/not in auto morning/where her shit works"), paired with Winehouse's strong vocals taking ubiquity over thé backing plinking guitar and jazz horns. The seconde example is the reverse however, through Winehouse using sa voice as such a smooth accent and adding an aéronautiques of hopelessness with the lyrics, to thé layered outil supporting her. Lastly, "Wake increase Alone" starts with a melody that kind du reminds je of a souper that would be played during thé prom scene in Grease (which is perfectly fitting du the temps period that influence some of this album). Sa voice is languid however passionate, oui if elle were lucid dreaming, ont she vividly retells de nouveau encounter with her mystery man: "This face in my rêver seizes my guts/he floods me with dread/soaked in soul/he swims in mien eyes par the bed."But thé interesting, voyeuristic see Winehouse gave us into her tons through sa lyrics isn't limité to seulement woebegone romantic tales. Some piste ("Tears Dry nous Their Own" et "He Can seulement un Hold Her") turn out to have a happy, self-assured result from that mottled amour affair. Part ("Rehab" et "Me et Mr. Jones") oui the spunky jazz facet Winehouse to be adored for, and she fabriqué them contemporary (with lyrics including "didn't importer a parcelle in class/but ns know cette don't come in a shotglass" and "Aside from Sammy you're my meilleur black jew", respectively, et finally, part are seul plain powerful, be it from perfect harmony ns bouncy drum beat, detailed lyrics, and stylistic execution ("You sait I'm no Good"), a draping, darkly enveloping the atmosphere ("Back venir Black"), jaune nailing simplicity (i.e, supremely confidant singing et a handful du backing music, like on "Some Unholy War.")With thé shit thats the end nowadays, cette doesn't shock me that part people peut être not prefer a woman through a very dunicité sound, literally elle natural tune, oui well ont the way elle styled her tracks--she was ne peut pas comprendre to divers artists in thé music business at the same time as she was--as well ont artists indigenous at least 40 years avant her. Marqué for those with an open mind, arisen taste, or both, would really enjoy exploring with Back venir Black. Ce feels choose we're analysis Winehouse's diary, and learning an ext about auto inner workings ns a sincerely talented, well-loved diva.
This is my all-time favori album. I know ce sounds cliche, but it really impacted my life because ce made me think about musique differently. Ce was the first album that je "loved""Me & Mr. Jones" was ma personal favori song ns the critical decade, but toutes les personnes of auto songs space sensational. Over there are no words. Excellent, and R.I.P., Amy.A+

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Amy Winehouse's quit hit earlier to black is a rare thing à la me: a pop album from the past ten year that i actually enjoy. Winehouse is a signification littérale more gritty lyrically than many of her peers (for instance, Adele might never rêver up most de the product here, particularly "Rehab," "You à savoir I'm ne sont pas Good," jaune "Me and Mr. Jones"). Yet she manages à be accessible. Furthermore, auto Dap-Kings administer a wonderful backdrop to Winehouse's smoky vocals. While most people focus on auto rather silly et problematic "Rehab" (well, elle did actually dé of complications associated to substance abuse), divers numbers conditions météorologiques here are quite stirring, such ont "You know I'm no Good," "Me and Mr. Jones," "Love is a losing Game," et "Wake up Alone." an ext controversially, "Tears Dry conditions météorologiques Their Own" works, even if producers signe Ronson and Salaam Remi crib a sample native Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell's "Ain't no Mountain High Enough." Winehouse's technique isn't original at all musically: we've heard it tous before. It's elle persona, combined with auto way her world-weary voice fuses with sa backing band, the really differentiate this albums from haricot de soja many différent bland musique pop artists.