Ambassade D Iran En France

Individual and Travellers

Tourists who wish venir visit liran can apply à la a passeport through thé following link par entering tous the compelled information and receive a visa app reference number. Since the visa app process is online, her email attend to will be required and authenticated throughout the process.

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How à apply

Electronically submitting your online app is the life STEP in the visa application process. Some passeport applicants will require to attend a visa interview, though part applicants pouvez qualify parce que le a visa without interview. To complete thé visa application, you re welcome pay deep type to the following ...


visa types

Your purpose of the trip as well oui other determinants will determine what belles of visa suits you le meilleur based nous the laws et regulations de the Islamic Republic of Iran. As an applicant, amie should it is in able venir fulfill toutes les personnes the visa requirements.


Check app Status

To monitor up her visa application status, elle can enter your app reference number or passport number, date of birth et email in auto form through the following link.


Important TipsWhat amie Should Know avant Applying

If amie want to apply for a visa, you re welcome read auto following points carefully à avoid any kind of probable case of denial.

Passport Expiration

To apply for all types ns electronic visas, your passport should ont at the very least six months of validity, past your actual take trip date. Obviously, elle are no able à submit her application, if your passport is expiring in much less than 6 months.

Visa Validity

The Iranian visa autocollant displays some informations including the validity of visa. Failure à travel to liran during thé validity of visa will certainly prevent tu from entering Iran and you will need to re-apply parce que le a visa.

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Visa Types

All types du visa defined passant par the government ns the Islamic Republic of iranien can be applied for through the online visa applications portal. Notwithstanding, some types du visa pour the citizens du some nations should it is in applied parce que le only in human through the qui appartiennent Embassy de the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Visa Eligibility

The citizens of some countries pouvez not be issued visa venir enter thé Islamic Republic du Iran due to political and diplomatic considerations. Citizens du such nations shall refer à the relevant Embassy of the Islamic Republic du Iran for further information.


You can discover here thé last news et information regarding the latest changes in the visa rules et regulations.


Visa nous Arrival

Apply for all Iranian internationale Airports

It is notified to travelers to the Islamic Republic of iranien intending venir acquire their visa at Iranian International Airports the in order à expedite the issuance de visa take the following steps (at least deux days prior venir their take trip ):

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Excluded Citizenship

Based conditions météorologiques mutual covenant within the framework of internationale rules and regulations, citizens of some countries are exempt from applying à la a visa venir enter Iran. Castle include thé citizens ns the Republic de Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia and China.

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