comment to volonté from Heraklion à Santorini de ferry

the ferry cheminement Heraklion - Santorini normally lasts about 2 hours and the average expense is around €65. Examine our summary with the latest data for ferries.

Is over there a traversier from Heraklion to Santorini?

There space at least 2-3 traversier crossings per dayfrom Crete à Santorini throughout the summer months. This is a seasonal cheminement from Heraklion mostly operated by Seajets, Minoan Lines, Golden étoiles Ferries, et Aegeon Pelagos.

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Please remarque that ferry timetables are subject to échanger depending on the season. Amie can inspect real-time schedules and book traversier tickets online nous

How long is the traversier ride native Heraklionto Santorini?

The Heraklion - Santorini ferry ride lasts between 2 hrand 6 hrdepending nous the type of ferry (standard jaune fast).

Is over there a high-speed ferry from Heraklion à Santorini?

Yes, there are largely high-speed ferries on this routeas well as 1 conventional traversier from Crete to Santorini (F/B Prevelis).

The fastest ferry to Santorini covers the déménage in 2 hr.

How much is the ferry from Heraklionto Santorini?

The Heraklion venir Santorini ferry price arrays from€25 venir €85. The critique ticket price can it is in higher jaune lower depending on discounts, seat type, or vehicle selection.

What's the traversier schedule indigenous Heraklionto Santorini?

During the summer, the Crete-Santorini ferry line has 2 jaune 3 crossings revenir day.

The earliest Crete à Santorini ferry departs indigenous Heraklion at 08:00 and arrives at auto port ns Athinios at 10:00. The latest ferry from Heraklion departs at 20:15 et arrives in Santorini around 02:30.

What's the éliminer betweenHeraklion et Santorini?

The supprimer from the port of Heraklion to the port du Santorini (Athinios) is 65 nautical miles (120km).

Am ns allowed venir travel native Heraklion à Santorini?

Yes, travel withinGreek destinations is at this time allowed. à la the recent updates et useful information on COVID-19 and ferry travel in Greececheck our blog et FAQ pages.

Where can I livre cheap traversier ticketsfrom Heraklion venir Santorini?

You can livre Heraklion à Santorini ferry tickets online conditions météorologiques On our Map de ferries, elle can see tous the available traversier connections, compare ferry companies and prices, et book your traversier trip to Santorini withjust 4 clicks.

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Good venir know:ferry tracking is available parce que le the Heraklion - Santorini ferry route when travel with thé following vessels:Power Jet,Superrunner,Prevelis,Champion Jet 2, andNaxos Jet.This means tu canlocate your ferry liveon the app on the day du traveling!


The petit harbor du Ammoudi on the northwest côte of Santorini, overlooking Thirasia.

Useful tips à la your ferry trip from Heraklion à Santorini

Here room some take trip tips for your pilgrimage from Heraklion (Crete) to Santorini:

The port du Heraklion can importer crowded during auto summer haricot de soja we recommend that you arrive at the port at the very least 1 hr in advance du your departure venir avoid queuing.Ferry rides deserve to be a bit bumpy during the summer. Si you feeling seasick elle can questioning the ferry crew à la some aspirin jaune carry with you anti-nausea pills.If tu organize a Crete à Santorini day trip we recommend that you rental a vehicle on the île to explore ont much oui possible.If you are planning à stay in Santorini parce que le longer, nous recommend that tu bookaccommodationas early oui possible (about 3-4 months in advance).

How aller you get from Crete venir Santorini?

You can comprendre from Crete to Santorini by ferry tous year round. During auto summer, over there are around 3 ferries per work from thé port of Heraklion venir Santorini.

During thé winter, over there is usually 1 weekly traversier from Crete à Santorini.

Can you do a day trip from Crete venir Santorini?

Yes, amie can aller a job trip from Heraklion à Santorini. You can comprendre the first traversier from Heraklion et be in Santorini at 10:00. You can enjoy your day on the island et return with the ferry at 17.00 which gets to Heraklion roughly 19.00.

Where in Crete have the right to you volonté the traversier to Santorini?

The Crete-Santoriniferry departs from the port ns Heraklion. It's situated 1.5km indigenous the centre of the city, close to plenty of shops, restaurants and city landmarks.

You can access the harbeurs by public bus, taxi or nous foot.The regional autobus station de Heraklion islocated 700 meter (10 minutes walk) from thé port.

Can i travel conditions météorologiques the traversier from Heraklion venir Santorini through a car?

Yes, you can travel v a car in the majority ns the ferries from Heraklion (Crete) to Santorini.

Ferry luggage

Each ferry lentreprise has its own baggage pin money policy.Seajets allows forpersonal luggage weighing up to 50 kg. There arealso open up luggage trunks in the passenger lounges et the garage à leave her luggage during the trip. Minoan Linesallows every passenger venir carry up venir 2 pieces ofluggage, and 1 piece de hand-luggage. In Golden étoiles Ferries over there is no weight limit pour luggage cible it needs à be inserted in auto specified luggage trunks. Aegeon Pelagos does not have restrictions on luggage.

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A few du the ferries that travel from Crete to Santorini oui cabins cible the majority du them market numbered seats.