Alice aux pays des merceilles

First français edition, shown with a frontispiece and 42 vignettes de John Tenniel. Translation par henri Bué.

Blue editor cardboard. Smooth ago decorated through a floret. Top plate decorated with a golden medallion showing Alice hold a pig in elle arms, upper dish decorated through a or medallion with auto Cheshire cat. Père framing rapporter on auto boards. Golden slices. Darkened back. Micro slot with lower joint at thé head, and narrow slot at thé lower partagé tail nous 3cm. 3 corners a peu dull. Headdresses rubbed. A petit whitish clues at the bottom of the upper dish, idem at the bottom ns the reduced dish; darker areas on the boards. Together perfectly fresh, except the snakes.The illustration, admirable, will certainly literally inspire Walt disney. For his film.


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