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I’m not going venir lie, we’ve usedAirBnBa lot. We’ve found it to be année excellent way venir find accommodation all around the world in lodgings that selection from quirky à palatial, from budgets to princely. Marqué that doesn’t mean conditions météorologiques don’t likewise keep auto various AirBnB alternatives in dérange when travelling and booking accommodation, and in this post we’re walking share our favourite choix alternatif with you.

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If you’re nouveau to thé world de peer à peer accommodation, take a look at at Jess’sguide venir using AirBnB, which will answer toutes les personnes your des questions about both AirBnB, and the majority de other peer to peer accommodation emplacements like AirBnB.

So why would elle want an alternatives to AirBnB? Well, the thing is, AirBnB has come to be somewhat a victim de its own success. There’s plenty de choice, but prices (and AirBnB’s fees) have definitely started to increase since conditions météorologiques started à use the platform in 2012. In fact, frequently AirBnB works out much more expensive than obtaining a reasonable hotel. In addition, at busy times, properties can livre out a long time in advance.

In some cases, it’s additionally become quite thé industry, losing thé personal touch as landlords espèces in, definition the seul human interaction you get is as soon as you get your tricks at auto beginning ns your stay, regularly from année apartment concierge rather than thé actual host jaune owner.


With this in mind, nous thought a handy manuel to some of the le meilleur AirBnB alternatives would it is in helpful. There’s a de nombreux of choice out there, et if you’re detect AirBnB to be a peu more expensive, jaune not quite thé experience tu remember ce to be, we’ve got tu covered.

AirBnB Alternatives

AirBnB is not the seul accommodation game in town. Right here are some of our favourite sites internet like AirBnB to comprendre you started, which consists of a paire of curveballs amie might not oui expected.

Many of these sites internet also ont their own apps, like AirBnB, so if you prefer à use année app à la apartment rentals that’s also an option.

If you’re looking for holiday accommodation in thé UK and Ireland, conditions météorologiques can also recommend analysis our instruire to the meilleur websites for booking holiday houses in auto UK, which has actually a lot of UK and Ireland details websites, tips et advice.

1. Vrbo

First increase in mien list of AirBnB alternatives is Vrbo (UK édition here), jaune Vacation Rentals par Owner. Whilst probably not as well known ont AirBnB, these guys ont over a million properties conditions météorologiques their books et have been operating because 1996, a full 12 years plus long than AirBnB.

The Vrbo modèle is a signification littérale different though, ont they seul rent out vacation properties. This means it’s not a hosted experience, et generally works le meilleur for families or groups ns four jaune more looking pour a slightly longer stay – although there are definitely many properties suited venir couples. Originally, Vrbo didn’t charge guests a service / booking fee, pass this to the host instead, but they changed that in 2016, adding a booking fee to bookings.

Otherwise, the products are fairly similar. AirBnB offers a contempt slicker user experience, but it is much much more popular. Si you can’t find quel you’re looking for on AirBnB, then certainly give Vrbo / Vrbo UK a try.

If you’re a building owner Vrbo have two different models – either elle can pay année annual fee, or you have the right to list à la free and pay a fee effronté booking. Sign up as an owner nous Vrbo les états-unis damérique here, or Vrbo UK here.


Like ns said, a coupler of curveballs. Mental when toutes les personnes stayed in hotels, and someone would come to make her bed et clean her room? Sure, we amour apartments, marqué every now and then, you seul want a hotel. Et the le meilleur place generally, we’ve found, parce que le getting a an excellent deal in any hôtel anywhere in the world, tends venir be


But, je vous demande pardon you could not have realised, is that also list homes and apartments. So si you’re currently a fan of thé site et want to keep making use of it pour your apartment booking, tu can.

They are typically our go-to choice parce que le hotel appointments when we travel – nous find they have a great choice, the emplacement is easy venir use, et the prices space usually auto best. Soja definitely precious trying parce que le your apartment hunt too!

For residential or commercial property owners, it’s free to list nous, v a fee applied tout de suite booking. Elle can sign up as année owner utilizing this link.

3. Thé Plum Guide

If you like thé idea ns AirBnB cible are worried the such a variety de choice means there can be a lack of quality, then elle will want venir check out thé Plum Guide.

The Plum guider accept much less than 5% de the properties that apply to be on their site, and they personally vet every single une against end 150 criteria. Every little thing from shower pressure to thé quality du the linen is tested. So you know the quality de every property will it is in high.

Of course, this does median that over there is a lessened choice, cible the good nouvelles is that they still oui plenty ns homes venir choose native in destinations around auto world, across a range de budgets.

You have the right to read our thorough Plum guide review to learn an ext about this service and our experiences making use of it.

If you’re a building owner, it’s free venir apply à list your property conditions météorologiques The Plum Guide, yet you à faire have to importer through a stringent vetting process first. Once approved, there’s a one-time member fee périmé on your sapin booking, i beg your pardon covers the cost ns the vetting process, et then there’s a small frais charged nous bookings. If you think her property has what ce takes, you can it is registered here.

4. Agoda Homes

Agoda is a famous portal for hotel bookings, cible they additionally have an apartment rental giving known oui Agoda Homes.

This list apartments, vacation rentals, private villas et bungalows, et there are practically a million properties venir choose from. Sauce soja you’ll ont plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re a home owner, it’s additionally free à list her property nous Agoda, which will put your home in auto Agoda search engine. Residential property owners can register here.

5. Homestay

For me, Homestay is je vous demande pardon AirBnB was supposed venir be. It’s a genuinely hosted experience, meaning elle always stay in a hosts home. This method you importer a genuine, locale experience, with thé feeling of living with a local. We’ve used Homestay in places around the world, consisting of Paris, Savannah and London, et have constantly had a exorbitant experience.


It is worth discussing that there are a few downsides à Homestay – the main one gift availability. Whilst they oui properties in end 150 countries, they don’t have the choice de somewhere favor AirBnB (although the same can be said à la nearly every AirBnB au lieu de, remplacer on this list!).

For example, nous tried à find accommodation in nouveau Orleans conditions météorologiques our recent trip there, et there to be hundreds du locations conditions météorologiques AirBnB, et less than ten conditions météorologiques Homestay.

Of course, the number of properties easily accessible is always growing, and there space a good many listed conditions météorologiques Homestay that you just won’t discover anywhere else, prefer this place we remained at in London. So if you desire a truly hosted experience, this is certainly the carré to begin your search. In addition, all Homestay properties include breakfast, which is a severe win in ma book.

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If you’re a property owner, it’s free venir list nous Homestay. à faire bear in dérange that Homestay is a held experience, sauce soja is par definition a bit more hand on. Si that sound good à you, elle can sign up oui a Homestay host here.

6. Sonder

Sonder is different from AirBnB in that they actually lease jaune own every residential or commercial property they list, and manage lock directly.

This method that they have full regulate over the standard of every apartment, and can for sure every building they perform meets your standards. They likewise guarantee avec certitude amenities and services, such as WiFi, towels et bedding, high high quality coffee and contactless check-in.

Sonder also offer both brief term rentals et longer term stays, an interpretation they are a an excellent option si you are looking à la a plus long term apartment rental option.

Sonder oui properties in 27 urban around the world, v over 8,500 option to choose from. They range from the mid-range to the luxury, et basically offer auto convenience of cleanliness de a good hôtel stay, with auto flexibility of année apartment rental.

For property owners, Sonder aller accept application if you want a hands-off approach venir renting your property. They will certainly lease your home from you, haricot de soja you don’t have to worry around bookings, cleaning jaune anything else. It’s a great option if you just want a continuous income. Amie can discover out more at this link.

7. House Sitting

Paying venir stay somewhere is all well et good, cible what si you can live tous around auto world, entirely for free? sound impossible? Well, ce isn’t, thanks to the concept of house sitting.

The way this lieu de travail is that personnes who own dwellings occasionally want to leave them and go conditions météorologiques trips. These deserve to be parce que le any length de time indigenous a few days to weeks jaune even months. Quite than their dwellings sitting empty, they sell them increase to people to remain in, commonly entirely pour free, in return for looking after the property, tending the garden, and generally maintaining in in order. In plenty of cases, they will also have pets the they desire looking after – putting a pet right into a boarding house à la a an extensive preiod du time deserve to be expensive, so house sitting is a win-win situation.

There are lots of loger sitting option out there – one of the biggest et most well-known communities à join is TrustedHousesitters. There is a fee venir join, but once you’re in, you’ll ont a world de choice when ce comes to free house around the world! pretty cool.

For residential property owners, there’s année annual abonnement required à list her home, et you ont to be a member de the TrustedHouseSitter community. Sign up as année owner utilizing this link.

8. Homes et Villas par Marriott International

Marriott room one ns the more well recognized international hotel brands, through properties toutes les personnes around the world. They likewise operate their very own vacation rental platform, Homes and Villas by Marriott International, which has private properties available pour rent in over 45 nations worldwide.

All the homes i beg your pardon are listed are managed passant par a premium property administration company. Thé homes all come with rapid WiFi, expert cleaning, 24/7 support for any issues and premium linens and amenities. Another benefit is that si you space a Marriott Bonvoy member tu can earn and redeem Marriott points nous stays at your vacation rental properties.

So si you to be looking pour a holidays rental where elle can knife reward points, this is a great option!

For residential or commercial property owners, in order à be listed on the Homes et Villas site you need à be registered v one ns the home management companies Marriott atelier with. Tu can communication Marriott venir find the appropriate lentreprise for her area.

9. RV sharing Sites

This one’s a peu off auto wall, cible have elle considered a campervan / RV rental instead of année apartment? This will offer you thé flexibility à sleep in assorted locations, cuisiner for yourself et generally have a functional approach venir your trip.

If this sounds good, conditions météorologiques recommend elle try out a company like RVShare.This is a peer to peer rental agency. This means you are renting from toutes les personnes who own année RV, and who are letting cette out when they aren’t making use of it. Basically, they’re like thé AirBnB ns RV rental!

As well oui PaulCamper, elle can likewise look atPaulCamper, RVEzy, and Outdoorsy. These market a similar concept, cible they cover various regions and have various inventory, so are all worth a look.

Of course, elle might choose a timeless camper rental option. In that caisse we introduce Motorhome Republic, who par rapport prices across a range ns rental suppliers around thé world venir find the le meilleur price. See their option here.

For RV owners: si you have an RV that you want venir make some money off as soon as you’re not utilizing it, you can list it for free conditions météorologiques RVShare here, on PaulCamper here, nous RVEzy here, and Outdoorsy here.

10. TripAdvisor holidays Rentals

When ce comes venir travel connected reviews, TripAdvisor is more than likely the first website amie think of. However, TripAdvisor offers more than seulement reviews!

TripAdvisor Rentals oui over 800,000 properties noted in 200 nations worldwide, haricot de soja you will certainly have plenty du options venir choose from. Concéder obviously there are tant beaucoup, tellement of reviews à read through!

For building owners: If you own a property et want venir list cette on TripAdvisor vacation Rentals, amie can sign up here.

11. Locally Focused and Specialist Websites

All auto entries conditions météorologiques our list so tarif offer fairly global coverage through properties toutes les personnes around thé world.

However, it’s likewise worth check some more locally focused websites which may offer a broader selection, or properties the aren’t accessible anywhere else. Over there are also websites which se concentrer on certain types du accommodation.

If you’re to plan a expedition in auto UK à la example, there are a num of specialist holiday accommodation suppliers which primarily se concentrer on nature in auto UK et Ireland. Some examples in the UK include:

See our instruire to vacation accommodation booking web page in auto UK and Ireland pour some more specific instances in auto UK and Ireland.

There room more option of course across a range du countries. Haut Villas is année example that concentrates primarily nous the state de Florida for example, whilst Turnkey focuses nous the USA oui a whole. Vintage Travel uses villas across Europe, all of which incorporate a pool.

12. Our favourite AirBnb Alternative?

Of toutes les personnes the above, the sapin place conditions météorologiques usually go to when planning a expedition We ont found the they ont the best choice de properties, auto search engine is easy venir use, et you have the right to filter by toutes les personnes sorts of categories et property features.

The reality that castle cover apartments, hostels and hotels, oui well as a alors of divers lodging options, means nous nearly constantly find what we’re looking parce que le at a great price. Certainly worth check out.

If you’re looking à la a platform an ext like AirBnB marqué with a se concentrer sur on other a bit special, inspect out thé Plum Guide. Lock don’t ont quite the worldwide coverage du other providers, but we constantly check to see si they covering where we are going, ont the properties they à faire have are excellent. We’ve used them a number of times and always had a positive experience. View their listings here.

Well, that about wraps increase our instruire to some du the meilleur AirBnB alternatives. Hope we’ve provided you mortier of sites and apps favor AirBnB to choose from parce que le your prochain vacation rental.

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For more AirBnB alternatives, examine out Jess’s list de even more sites like AirBnB si the above weren’t enough!

Further Reading

We hope our guider to some du our favourite alternatives to AirBnB has actually helped elle find thé perfect property parce que le your suivant trip! before you head la fin on your adventure though, nous wanted to share part other heureux we think you’ll uncover useful.

And that’s it pour our guider to our favourite AirBnB alternatives! nous hope tu found cette useful. As always, we’re open to your feedback and questions – seul pop castle in thé comments below. For sure travels!