Agence Jeune Fille Au Pair

Je un m bien venir à Worthing, sous quelques rayons ns soleil à milieu ns la pluie. Tous se importer très bon pour ns moment. Paul, Sophie rang Toby Bxxxx sont virtuellement accueillants et sympathiques und j’ai déjà beaucoup parlé et ri avec eux. Nous oui un très super contact. Je suis complet heureuse und même si je n’ai étape encore pris ma marques, em me acception très bon chez eux.Merci convecteur tout, car sans vous, nai pas votre agence, rien de cela n’aurait lété possible.

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Je elle donnerais d’autres nouvelles plus tard (cela ne à faire que leur jours que em suis ici).


Marie Alix.

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We apologize pour any inconvenience caused.

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Dear venir Pair

We are a family living in north Ireland who is looking à la some temporary aid whilst I matin recovering from année operation to my back. We ont two children, Toby aged 5 (nearly 6) et Tilly aged le 3 (and 1 cat who has embraced us ont its family).

We live in a really rural cible beautiful coastal location and therefore you’d need à be able à drive et ideally enjoy thé outdoors life. We habitent 12 miles away from thé Giants Causeway nous the North côte of north Ireland and so there room plenty ns hiking/walking opportunities ont well as seaside/water activities available (surfing is popular marqué be prepared pour the water being an extremely cold!).

I oui had to arrêter work in preparation à la the operation ont I un m in considerable damgussese despite a substantial amount du medication. Ns also am unable to conduire because du this. My work is based 20 miles away native where we live and it was less complicated when nous had kids (and because ns wanted to continue working) to arrange childminding facilities et schooling nearer to my work, cible obviously currently that reasons problems v getting auto children to and from school/our childminder.

Toby attends Millstrand integrated Primary lécole in Portrush (15 miles) and Tilly goes to a childminder permanent in Portstewart (5 milles from Portrush). Tilly will begin nursery at the school in September.

You’ll oui use ns a là while you here oui we’re very rural – closest petit town is 2 miles (Ballycastle) and the henchmen town is 18 milles (Coleraine).

We live in a contemporary style house that nous built two years ago nous a plot of land 2 mile outside de Ballycastle. Nous are on an elevated site so there room 360 level views de valleys, a mountain and the sea in auto distance.

The youngsters each oui their very own rooms so the fourth bedroom would be your room. This has actually a built in wardrobe space, doubs bed, bedside tables, drawer unit et a numérique radio. It has double côté windows through views over the locale countryside. The house has wireless internet access et you’d ont access to auto family computer si required. The bathroom is immediately prochain door i beg your pardon would seul be shared with thé children. Mine and Francis’ bedroom has its own ensuite.

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The living space is made up de a officially sitting pièce (which is mien favourite place to escape to when it’s quiet) and année open plan kitchen/dining/family pièce where conditions météorologiques spend most de our time as a family. The kitchen has all modern facilities et there’s additionally a different utility room. There is a galleried landing with sofa bed conditions météorologiques the 3rd floor wherein there is different TV/internet access if you wanted to be more separate from auto family at any stage.

Your daily calendrier would include getting auto children ready à la school/childminder including preparing lunchboxes, control them à school/childminder, doing part light housework, helping venir prepare household meals, choose up the children native school/childminder and helping with thé bedtime routine. Wednesday hope the you’d it is in able to aller some light housework if you’re v us, such oui dusting, tidying, vacuuming, ironing and laundry.

As a family we enjoy outdoor activities, going to auto beach, swim in the local leisure centre, walk to the cinema, thé children amour the two locale parks and socializing v friends. Tilly is still in nappies marqué we room in the process of potty cultivate her as she start nursery écoles in September.

The children can be noisy at fois as tous children have the right to be marqué generally they’re easily entertained through stories, DVD’s, walk out, playing thé Nintendo Wii and playing with numerous toys that they own. Tilly is definitely more the outdoors type and very elevation – happy to keep it s her entertained. Toby is much more sensitive and quite fussy when cette comes venir food but he’s starting à try new things haricot de soja we’re gradually introducing new foods venir him. They play well together et keep each est différent company but also love having friends over to play.

If elle swim that would be great oui both children amour going swim – Toby attends swimming classes every Saturday morning et is doing really well. We oui a local health club of i m sorry we’re members et there’s additionally a leisure quartier général in Coleraine (18 miles).

Francis loves horse-racing et uses auto studying and watching of ce to unwind from fairly a stressful job. Ns love gardening but given mien current health et the fact nous haven’t however had joie to develop the outside space du the house, ns don’t volonté a parcelle of avenues to faire it currently.

The family members is a member de the denchères Trust haricot de soja you’d be able venir use auto membership card à la any job out.

There is a nightclub and several bar in the local town and a more extensive college student population and nightlife in Portrush/Portstewart (15 – 20 miles). Belfast is 50 mile away whereby there is a vast amount parce que le visitors to see et do.

Check out for more substantial visitor informations on north Ireland jaune pour more informations on the locale area.

We an extremely much look forward venir welcoming you into our family and home.

Best Wishes

Louise et Francis

Îf you are interested in this family parce que le the summer time peut être to September roughly, you re welcome register v us de completing auto application. You can one of two people print it out of the website (formulaires section) jaune we can send you thé forms passant par e e-mail upon request. Aller not hesitate to communication us nous

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My husband (Rick) and I habitent in auto beautiful beachside town du Orewa, Auckland, NZ. We oui 2 boys, Brodie is turning 1 année old this week and Ethan is almost le3 years old. We currently have année Au collègue from Germany that has come to be part ns our family. Sadly elle will be leaving us on thé 6th May, and nous are feather for de nouveau Au égal to to fill in when she leaves. We live 8 minute walk venir beach et shops, et have a 5 bedroom, plus study house. The à Pair will have their own room, share auto downstairs restroom with auto kids, we also ont a seperate playroom/lounge with tv and couches. The à Pair can spend temps in there in thé evenings, or with nous in the lounge.

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Rick is 31 and a self employed builder – enjoys surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, motorcross et has recently joined auto coastguard, Heidi is 32 et a Sales Rep – enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, spending temps at the beach/park. We oui been happy married à la 6 years and enjoy doing jambe together in thé weekends. Ethan adores his little brother, is restroom trained, loves playing through his friends, speak his bike, kindergarden, auto beach et the park. Brodie has seul started walking, loves smiling, playing v his big brother, sleeps through auto night and is a great eater!
We call for someone that loves kids, has had experience through them, preferably someone who has actually cared pour 1 année olds before. They will do light housework downstairs oz a week, clean boys clothes et put away, reconnaissance keep their rooms tidy. Conditions météorologiques will need the au Pair to look after lock Mon, Tues & Thurs pour 10 hours a day. Nous would like someone that is bubbly, enthusiastic and really enjoys playing through children and teaching them new things. Nous can salary NZ$180 revenir week (after tax) et are willing to pay NZ$500 towards their revenir airfare.